Wednesday, 24 November 2010

spruced up my alarm clock a tad

made this robot a while ago, but never finished it, and recently i bought the alarm clock, so the thought process of putting the clock in the robot, i had my alarm next to my bed on my desk (bad idea) this was too easy to turn it off in the morning so i decided to put it further away so id have to get out of bed, and the corner of my desk i was thinking of putting it in was all filled up by the robot, and then i had a light bulb moment and put the clock in the robots belly :D which not only gave the robot character, it also made me want to finish it instantly, so i painted it red and coloured bits in with a gold paint pen, and altered the belly so the clock would fit in, and here it is :)


  1. Oh he's fantastic, love all the cogs.

    Carmen #101

  2. wow.. that is so cool.. my son would love this..

    Shirley Pumpkin #47

  3. That is so awesome! My son is loving your Optimus Prime too.
    Susan #12

  4. hey thanks guys :D youl see more robots in the next few weeks, im on a robot makin spree 'cus i lurve me robots :P x

  5. fab robot, and your stamps are way too cool

    have a lovely weekend
    caroline #2

  6. That robot is fabulous!!! Looking forward to seeing the others you make. :)