Wednesday, 24 November 2010

spruced up my alarm clock a tad

made this robot a while ago, but never finished it, and recently i bought the alarm clock, so the thought process of putting the clock in the robot, i had my alarm next to my bed on my desk (bad idea) this was too easy to turn it off in the morning so i decided to put it further away so id have to get out of bed, and the corner of my desk i was thinking of putting it in was all filled up by the robot, and then i had a light bulb moment and put the clock in the robots belly :D which not only gave the robot character, it also made me want to finish it instantly, so i painted it red and coloured bits in with a gold paint pen, and altered the belly so the clock would fit in, and here it is :)

just a quick one this week

parceling up my brothers birthday card, thought id make it look pretty too haha :P
cant show you whats inside because its a suprose and i dont want him to accidentally see it... sorry peeps
have a good WOYWW :D

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

on time this WOYWW :)

making some more stamps today, from my list of things to make, i now have a vespa, cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/what ever you like to drink, vintage frame, old key, border corner, lines for a border, a heart, a lightning bolt, a robot and a diamond...

i thought id take a picture of the stamps ive made too, they look a tad messy but they do work, i mostly cut them by hand with a lino cutting tool but im thinking of laser cutting some, i have laser cutters at my uni so im going to test that sometime.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

a contribution to 'stamping ground's' blog (whats on your workdesk wednesday)

here is my desk whilst im makin some small cards with my own made lino cut stamps, and im makin (for the first time) paper daisies to put in the center of the card.

here are the finished flower cards aswell, thought why not sneak them in :P

and heres a link to my blog purely for my crafty bits n bobs