Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ok blimey I've been busy

So the last post was aout the mini tailors dummy to make some maquettes, the jetpack is now finished, not quite as good as I'd hoped but still pretty cool, let me know what you think, yay or nay? :)
Also made the harness too, everything in this picture except the blouse and my beautiful girfriend is made my me
the jepack also has a fire extinguisher in the rocket which fires out powder, using the trigger on the front of the harness, this detaches and can be held at arms length, heres a video of the test for the trigger, I'l upload the final video and images when I have time to take them

I did this test in my garden, it was awesome :D


  1. ffs Steve why chop the nicest bit off the photo (her face?)

    love the jet pack

  2. I didnt crop it, I just took the picture of the jetpack, these are my uni work photo's, michaela's on facebook if you wanna see her :P
    thanks btw, im gonna improve it for my portfolio though, was a bit rushed

  3. steve your work is incredible!
    hope to see you soon,
    miss you man x

  4. hey thanks alex :D means a lot, and yeah miss you to, summer gonna be mint :D x

  5. Hi I found your link on Twitter. Your work looks great! I can see you making props for movies someday :-)

  6. Hello, thanks really apreciate it :) I sure hope so, have already had work experience at a film prop workshop, made some pretty cool stuff there, keep popping back for new stuff, im working on a star wars rebel pilot costume right now
    thanks again :)